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Do take a safe seat!

In a public environment, where there is a daily traffic of people, it is important to ensure that the public conveniences offer a safe and hygienic ambiance. Clean Seat takes care of this by offering solutions around a safe and clean toilet seat.

Clean Seat dispensers are to be found in airports, sold to cleaning companies and to the hotel and catering industry. Many Airlines companies use Clean Seat toilet seat covers under their own private label.

To accommodate companies that carry different toilet paper systems, we offer a solution for all existing dispenser systems. We have developed three types of refills that between them will fit any dispenser currently available. Whether you carry one dispenser type or service 10 different dispenser types, Clean Seat can always accommodate you with the right refill and even help you to reduce inventory.

Private label paper products

Clean Seat also produces paper products with your logo, text or any other print design. Can you imagine the impact of, for example, a personalized toilet seat cover on your clients? You can reach your client at an intimate moment with a product that stands out for detail and service.

Turn key washroom solution

In case you want your washroom equipped with the right dispensers, and filled with the right consumables, we can provide you with a complete solution through our mother company, Vendor. We would be pleased to coordinate this for you.

Vendor BV is ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certified.